April 10, 2012

Frame it!

I believe I have mentioned this before but just in case you missed it.  I am now a distributor for a frame company by the name of The Organic Bloom.  I love, love, love their products.  They come in every shape, size and color.  It is so fun to look through the different frames and color combinations and design wall displays with your images. 

I placed an order for some frames for my home so that I could see how they looked prior to helping any of my customers design wall collages with them.  Well mine are arriving today.  I'm so excited about it.

I have the prints all ready to go for them and the wall is ready to.  Check back soon for an update of how it turned out.  In the mean time check The Organic Bloom products found here.  If you need pricing information please e-mail me at jspthedaisypatch@gmail.com

Check them out here:  The Organic Bloom

Stay tuned...

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  1. I can't wait to see. I was hoping there would be a picture in this post :(