July 18, 2009

Throw, catch and compete like a GIRL!!!!

I'm just so proud of these girls for being the athletes they are at their age. I am so glad that I know them and that I had the chance to see them in action last night at their championship game. Wow! They both had some great hits and both are so focused and determined out on the field. It is truly inspiring to watch.

July 13, 2009

Such a nice surprise...

It is so nice when you go into a situation thinking that the outcome with be a certain way and then the outcome 100% exceeds your expectations. That is the way I felt after meeting with this young lady and her sisters. You see going into this session I felt as though, I am the photographer, therefore, I will need to guide, coach and direct my subjects how to sit, when to smile and generally help them through the session. Boy was I wrong. This very creative young lady had so many good ideas on her own. She was partial to having some flowers in her hands or her hair. She had tons of suggestions about different poses and backgrounds. She took the pressure off me and she had some really great ideas. Like I said, what a nice surprise.

July 12, 2009

Seventh in line...

Did I mention she is the seventh child in her family. She is one lucky little lady. Her brothers and sisters sure do adore her. Her Mom and I were talking about it would be hard to predict how many kisses she gets eveyday! I am so glad I brought this little cradle along with me to put her in. The blocks on the bottom row are the first intials of all of her siblings...how fun!
By the way Julie you are WONDER WOMAN!!!

She didn't even know I was there...

because most of the time she was doing this.

I contacted this little ones Mom about coming to take some pictures of her. I told her that I wanted to try to capture her little feet, hands and sleepy, dreamy smiles because they grow up way to fast you know. I hope you enjoy them Julie!

I wonder what she is dreaming about?