March 30, 2009

So many books so little time...

Bodie and I went on an adventure to the library at a nearby University.

You have to be very quite in the library.....shhhhh.

March 28, 2009


Is she a lump of sugar or what? This little on has two older brothers and a little brother so it was fun to put her in the spot light today. She has a Mommy and Daddy that just adore her. I have been looking forward to the chance to capture this "snow white" look alike for a long time. We had fun talking and picking out flowers for her to hold.

March 26, 2009

Just for fun...


This is my son, Rowdy. He seems to have a natural talent for the music. He got this Ukelele for Christmas and he hasn't even had a lesson yet and he can strum a few chords.

March 19, 2009

Easy as one, two, three, four...

It was easy as one, two, three, four to take pictures of this group. I had so much fun just talking to them and getting to know them better. We used to live in the same town. It has been awhile since I have actually had the chance to see them in person! I can tell that their Mommy takes pictures of them because they were naturals in front of my camera.

This is their Mom! And I just wanted to thank her for contacting me and asking me to take their pictures. It was so much fun!

March 12, 2009

Bucket of worms...

This is my Mother-in-law, Linda and she really wanted some pictures with the four 1 year olds. They are the 2007 crop of grandbabies. So we gave it a whirl. As you can see not all of the boys were thrilled about the idea. But it was still fun and the result was great!