January 22, 2011


Over Christmas break I received a phone call from a women who I have admired for many years. She told me that her husband was having a birthday party and her entire family would be there. In my book any family gathering is important and special but this was going to be extra special. I understood how much it was going to mean to her to have this memory captured. You will understand too, after we do a little bit of math.

Did you know that 1 + 1=39. Well it just computes that way when you are a member of the Burton family in 2010. This is Goldie and Gary.
This is Goldie and Gary with their 10 children.
And this is Goldie and Gary with their 10 children, children's spouses and grandchildren....39, count them if you like!


I will be sharing more images from this session soon because I got to spend a little bit of time taking pictures of some the individual families too.

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