August 28, 2010

Two young men and a little lady...

My friend Janica asked me to take some pictures of her family. I am so glad we got together. First of all, her daughter, Akaila, is just too cute and full of spunk! Near the end of our session I layed down in the grass on my tummy and guess what she did. Exactly what I did. See what I mean...what a good little girl!


She didn't hold back on sharing her smiles and personality with me and my camera. It is going to be hard for me to choose the best images because there are so many cute ones.

Her big brother is very smart young man and I might need him to come with me on some of my photo sessions to scout out good spots for pictures. He told me, as I was taking some pictures of his sister, that he found a cool spot. He was right this little hollow spot in this tree trunk ended up being my favorite too! Way to go Ryan.


And Braxton was willing to give me this very handsome pose. He looks so grown up to me. Janica I hope you like what you see so far and thanks for asking me to take these!Photobucket

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  1. Julia these are so sweet. I can tell these are their real smiles which is awesome!!!!!