June 10, 2009

In my own backyard...

I got to spend some time with these young ladies last night. We started off by just taking some pictures around my property. However, we had the most fun playing in one of our hay fields. They had fun hiding and letting me peek through to get a shot. We played follow the leader and they were even willing to lay down in it (those shots to come). We didn't see any snakes (whew), just a few bugs. I am so glad that their Mom called to see if we could squeeze in this session. These are going to be a father's day present. How awesome is that! Thank you so much girls, it was really great to hangout and get to know you better.


  1. Julia,

    What a fun little photo shoot! The girls and the photos are so beautiful! You just keep getting better and better.

  2. Great pictures how fun, it looks like they were great to work with. I am sure the dad will love them.

  3. You've been a busy girl, I like these a lot!